Unspoiled Places

Photography by Allyson – “Unspoiled Places“

Idaho Morning
Sunset Beach, Oregon

And so it begins again

Ah yes my first post on a fresh wordpress site.

My name is Allyson – many people know me as a survivor and Ive authored many papers, a book and continue to do consulting work and advocacy on that matter which I will refrain from blatantly describing on this website – Many moons ago after I escaped a horribly abusive situation I began finding myself once again – my old worn and tattered shoes being left behind at the ragged doors of my former not chosen life and stepping into the new- with sun on my shoulders…..there is another side to me which was only known to shine between the many breaks of sanities and insanities in life and that is where my still scarred feet from the old beaten parched roads meets cool grass. Into the fields and woods of wonderment where I can escape and- for the first time in my life throw off the heavy chains of what I could only describe as servitude and slavery – and become ME.

I never aspired to be a poster child for one of the most heinous yet most misunderstood “things” to ever sweep the world but here I am… I survived it. I never even dreamed I would be one of the many who helped the others- walking into that hell with buckets of water spilling out of my trembling clenched fists -hope for the seared and lending a hand to the lost -BUT Finally- a voice was given to me- and forever I will continue to live and breathe HOPE, JUSTICE,- I can hear my “sisters” roaring still in the darkness of silence in the age of information-echos of so many voices who must be unmuffled-and all I can hope to do is to continue to thrive. To grow. To become that which was denied to me – myself. Freedom. “Never again” escaping my lips on more occasions than I dare admit.

My works include writings, photographs, virtual tours- I have so many projects going I am not sure that I will ever finish them all. I had such high hopes and dreams and for the longest time not of my own choosing they were taken from me…..and I’d begin again and again and again -and it would be taken away once more- UNTIL…..and slowly pebble by pebble…I take those things hurdled my way and I build….a pathway…through this wilderness of life- occasionally my past slips into my current work and it turns them into thought provoking pieces…Photography you can feel. Words to ponder on – writings to drink into the brain like a cool summer rain in August- and the mists that creep across the meadows as ghosts of the forgotten….. I welcome them all….